CatLadyBox makes the purrfect gift! START MEOW!

The first-ever monthly subscription box for people crazy about cats.

Each month, a new CatLadyBox is delivered right to you. In it, you'll find a fabulous collection of unique, high-quality cat-themed items hand-picked by cat ladies for cat ladies. Discover meowvalously exclusive cat lady shirts, jewelry,  accessories, home decor, art, and more! Plus, we even have an option that includes surprises for your cat, too!

We only have a limited number available each month, so shoo your kitty off the keyboard and order today to guarantee your box!

We donate a portion of all profits to cat rescue organizations each month.

We support independent artists and small businesses with our box contents.

We want to redefine how the world thinks of cat ladies. It's a good kind of crazy.

How it Works

1. Choose your CatLadyBox.

Choose from the basic CatLadyBox (just for you) or Crazy CatLadyBox (stuff for both you AND your kitties!). Cancel your subscription anytime.

2. We fill it with amazing things.

We select unique, high-quality cat-themed items, fill your CatLadyBox with meowvalous things we know you'll love, and ship it to your door each month.

3. Enjoy your cattastic stuff!

Break open your CatLadyBox, unwrap your cattastic surprises and enjoy all your delightful new cat lady things! (And give your cat the box, of course.)

It's a cat lady's dream come true! Subscribe today.