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Scratcher Insert for CatLadyBox + Catnip!

$4.99 - $11.97
# of scratchers

Product Description

We had cardboard scratchers custom cut to the exact size of your CatLadyBox! They fit right in, making the box even better for your kitties!

Get one Imperial Cat scratcher, plus a packet of their extra-potent catnip to sprinkle on top to make them even more enticing! We suggest you purchase this if you have an extra CatLadyBox lying around to put it in. It can be used alone (of course!), but it's made to fit inside the box to make it even more fun than just a regular box!

These scratchers were originally featured in our June 2016 "Pampurr Yourself" box to give kitties a special spa experience in their box! (CatLadyBox not included.)

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